Part-Time Custodian

Language Arts Rock / Folk Songs on Steroids

Part-Time Custodian is an indie rock band from New Jersey.  In a short period of time they have built a diverse catalog of songs that have caught the ear of new fans across the tri-state area.   Some have said their sound has a Counting Crows/Wallflowers vibe.  We're cool with that.  Mike has a degree in English Lit  (questionable decision) and Joe is married to a Librarian, so perhaps the best way to define their sound is "Language Arts Rock".  They will be releasing their second EP in Fall of 2023 and touring in support of it throughout the Northeast.  

Music & live video

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Press photos

Live at Transparent Clinch Gallery

Live at John & Peter's

Live at Rockwood Music Hall NYC

Press / Reviews

captivating live performance” - NJ Herald
folk songs on steroids...” -
whimsical guitar work and catchy hooks” - Just Music Thoughts
a songwriting force to be reckoned with” - Ear To The Ground Music Reviews